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FAITH DESIGNS INC. started out as F.A.I.T.H. INC. which is the acronym for Fashion &Art In The House. This business was born in the heart of the Garment district as a result of myself and 10 other minority designers working on a private label project for a major chain store which was seeking product for Minorities.

We started this corporation with 5 out of the 11 designers, then it quickly became 3, myself, Sherri Hobson Greene and Hildy Gardner, and stayed that way for about 5 years. During this time we were lucky enough to get a contract with Sears for children's, women's plus size, coats & scarves. Then we went on to do business with Ashley Stuart, and Added Dimensions. Sears paired us with various Companies for the production of these lines.

The direction changed at Sears, and the ethnic market went to celebrity-driven lines. We were all forced to do additional jobs to support our households. Hildy and Sherri are still two of my best girlfriends today and pursuing their own interests, with Sherri managing "BeauLoni"Legacy and Hildy is an Adjundt Professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Presently, the FAITH brand is under the sole direction of Gwenveria Sargeant.


A Multitude of Design Services

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